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Technology Single side work theory

Pictures how single side work theory works

Lapping / Polishing is working between plate and workpiece via free-abrasive, gives right amount of pressure to create random slash pattern on the workpiece. when Lapping Slurry gets thinner with plate ( Polish Pad ) one the workpiece surface, it makes mirror surface.

The machine can be used on flat workpiece of different materials to control plate flatness, increase  workpiece quality and make the surface smoother to make nano-meter mirror surface. Our developing department is here to provide solutions for our customers' request.



Stainless steel mold, Vacuum chucks, Semiconductor chip (eg:silicon wafer GaAs, and GaP, LiNbO3 and LiTaO3, etc.), Crystal ,Sapphire, Ceramics, Tungsten carbide parts, Copper parts ,Aluminum parts, Ultrasonic welding head, Turbulence child components, Ferrite, Mechanical seal, Steel plate for printing, Sewing machine parts, Glass and Quartz.